Passive income helps anyone to grow multiple income streams at the same time because, in passive income, you do not need to give your full time. As a result, you can focus on multiple tasks at the same time. Almost in every possible skill, it is possible to start earning passively. Today we will discuss the three best ways to earn passively online as a backend web developer.

3 Best Passive Income Ways for Backend Web Developers Are

  1. Developing Scripts
  2. Building SaaS
  3. Creating Courses

Developing Script

Suppose, you are a backend web developer doing a nine-to-five job. So usually, you will not get enough free time to work on a freelance client job. What you can do easily is, after your office hours are done, take 1-2 hours of rest, then give 1-2 hours daily to a script, which has market demand. A script like- LMS, Booking App, Task Manager, Ecommerce, etc. Daily work 1-2 hours on your script. Work in your free time. After 1-2 months of work. Your script will be ready. No hurry, take more time, improve features, add more new features, etc. After a few months of work, it should be ready to sell. You can now add it to a marketplace where people sell scripts like CodeCanyon or you can just list it on your website and do marking on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest and you will see sell coming. This way, outside your full-time work, by developing a script, you can grow an extra passive income stream.

Building SaaS

Software as a Service or SaaS. Building SaaS must be a great way to earn passively online as a backend web developer. By building a SaaS, you can easily charge people for using your software each time or each month by subscription-based. Whatever your full-time work is, give daily 1-2 hours of work for 6-12 months or even more, to develop a powerful and on-demand SaaS app. Believe me or not, it will surely increase your chance to earn passively online. After building SaaS, all you will need to do is, update your SaaS on regular basis. That is all. You will enjoy earning from it even when you sleep because people using it.

Creating Course

The demand for backend web development courses is skyrocketing. If you can build a good community or audience based by creating videos on YouTube in your free time and posting on Instagram in your free time. If you can build a good audience base, then a good and quality course, you will not need to worry about money again. You will get a lot of enrolment in your course daily, weekly, and monthly even when you enjoying your vacation in Thailand. Just you will need to maintain content quality in your course, don’t put just anything. Make quality content, so people will do free marketing of your course and you will never stop earning from it.

There are so many different ways available, that you can use to earn passively as a backend web developer. However, as a backend developer, I found these three are the most effective and most profitable.

That’s it for today. If you are not a backend web developer and still looking for passive income ideas, just bookmark us. We will keep posting about passive income ideas in the coming days for every skill and even for non-skill as well.