If you want to earn money online, there are plenty of options available for you. However, not all options will make you real money though because online is full of scams and misleading as well. Today in this video I will share some tricks and websites as well where you will be able to earn free money and take withdraw in PayPal. No investment is required to work on any of these websites or apps whatever.

Best Possible Ways of Earning PayPal Money Online

  1. You can do transcription job
  2. You can take survey online
  3. You can do testing app and website job
  4. You can do shopping online and get cashback in PayPal
  5. You can perform different tasks to earn PayPal cash or money as well.

Now let us know the details of each job like exactly what we need to do in each job.

Earn money doing transcription job

A transcriber listens to an audio record or watches a video and writes down what he/she just listen to. For this job, you need to have very good listening skills, good English grammar and spelling ability, and also good typing speed. There are tons of online micro job platforms or freelance platforms or even dedicated websites only for transcription workers like- transcribeme, rev etc available online. You can just do a little bit of google research to find the best paying job for you. This is one job that you can easily do to earn PayPal money online without any kind of investment.

Taking or Doing Online Surveys

A survey is a kind of job where no skill is required. Almost anyone can do this job. Tons of good-paying websites are available where you can easily find surveys to do to earn money. Websites like swagbucks, idle-empire, freecash where you get free surveys to do to earn a lot of money online daily. But there’s a limitation. Only tier one countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia people can earn good money from them because depending on the country, they avail the surveys. Most of the surveys are available for tier one countries. There a very few surveys available for tier two and tier three countries like- India, and Pakistan there very few surveys are available. But if you are from tier one or two countries, you will be able to earn a lot from them like a daily 20 USD easily.

On the survey website, tasks are so simple. All you have to do is just answer questions.

Testing App or Website

You can work as a freelance usability tester at a website like upwork, freelancer, or join a website like trymyui as a usability tester and test different websites and apps to make money online. For doing this job, you need both devices Laptop and a desktop and a mobile phone. The more device you have, the more opportunity will be available for you to earn money. For example- if you have an Android Phone, an iPhone, and a Windows PC and iOS laptop, you will be able to apply for all app testing jobs for apple android or iOS whatever the device required is.

Get Cashback While Shopping

There is a lot of app or website which offer you to use them while you paying to do online shopping. As a result, you will get cashback. For example, you can use honey extension and while you shopping online, honey will find out most suitable coupon code for you to save your money. This is just one. Some save your money and some give you cashback in return while you use them to do shopping.

Do Task and Earn PayPal Cash

Task like signup to websites, write review about different projects or app, playing some game to reach certain level, install apps, by doing this kind of jobs you can earn money from website like timebucks.

So these are the most easiest ways of earning free PayPal cash online or PayPal money online without any kinds of investment.