Making money online is not a hard thing to do until you have the skill. Without skill, it is always hard. If you are looking for some easy skills to learn in 2-3 months and start your freelancing journey then excel should be your first choice! The demand for excel workers on online job posting sites or freelance sites is increasing daily. Today in this post, I will share the five most exciting excel skills you should try to learn to start freelancing using excel straight away!

Why Excel For Freelancing?

Easy to learn, easy to find a job, and huge demand. For why you should learn excel for freelancing. Also by learning only excel, you will be able to offer so many different kinds of services at a time. The Excel field is very deep. Company or person hiring tons excel experts to do their various work. That’s why you should learn excel for freelancing,

The Five Amazing Excel Skills

Already we know why we should learn excel but we don’t know what exactly we have to learn. Let’s find them out together. In the freelance market, there are various kinds of freelance jobs available for excel experts. Among them, few are in high demand. After learning the basic technique of excel, try to understand the five specific topics of excel mentioned below-

  1. Excel Data Cleaning
  2. Excel Formula Correction
  3. Excel Template and Dashboard Design
  4. Excel Web Research
  5. Excel Data Visualization

Excel Data Cleaning

Data cleaning refers to many things. Let me give you some examples. Think your job giver send you an excel file with thousands of data of credit card holders of five different banks. Now he asks you to do is- take my excel file and find all records of ABC Bank credit card holders whose card numbers start from 10A120. These could be a job scenario of Excel Data Cleaning. Now you will need to do is, format that excels file data properly to apply some filter or search formula. That is it! After you find all that he needs, create a separate record with that and deliver that to him. All done. 

Excel Formula Correction

Suppose one client came to you and asked you to do a task which details- Here is my excel file that contains lots of Math formulas depending on different conditions. Some of these formulas applied are not correct. I sent you all the conditions. Please check the excel file and correct all those formulas which are not correct depending on the condition or conditions.

It could be one scenario of excel formula correction. Besides formula correction, sometimes you will get the job to apply the formula to an excel file. Which is also easy to do.

Excel Template and Dashboard Design

The demand for excel templates and dashboard designs is so huge. You will need to know all the core functionality of excel also you will need to have a good sense of design to serve good designed excel template. As there lots of work means lots of competition also. The only way you can do good in this topic is by making a high-quality excel template or dynamic excel dashboard with beautiful graphs and charts. When you are learning excel template design or dashboard design, try to copy and design some great templates online. This way you will increase your ability to design a good template and get paid the highest.

Excel Web Research

Web research means that you have to collect specific topic data from different websites online. It could be about a product or a list of products or specific niche websites or anything else. All your client will ask you to do is collect specific topic data and make an organized record of that data in your excel sheet! That’s it. For doing this job, you will need to be good at google search and internet browsing.

Excel Data Visualization

This is one of the pro-level work of excel freelancing. You need to be very good at handling graphs chats for this job. After learning the first four skills first, I think it will not be so hard for you to learn this as well.

So these are the 5 amazing skills you should learn to do freelancing using excel. Now the question is how to learn excel and its tricks.

How to Learn Excel for Freelancing

There are tons of resources for learning excel online. You can just go to YouTube and search for excel complete course and you will find thousands of videos. After learning all the basics of excel, search for specific topics mentioned above and learn them. Take help from YouTube, Google, Blogs, etc and most importantly invest in yourself I mean give yourself time. Practice 2-3 hours daily and you will see your great progress after a month or so.

Alright! That’s it for today’s post. If you want to know more legit earning tips and tricks online, bookmark us, Have a great day!